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Fly over the Reunion


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Discover UNESCO Sites from above with passionate, seasoned Air Force and Commercial pilots.


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Le spécialiste de la location de voitures à La Réunion 

illustration nuage planetair97, Paysages Réunion ULM4


2 Pitons

Take off toward the Piton de la Fournaise, fly over the Plaine des Sables and the Piton des Neiges for a spectacular view of the three cirques, then end your flight with a return to Saint-Pierre.

Simply a breathtaking flight !

45 min 


Vue aérienne paysage Réunion 974 survol volcan piton de la fournaise ULM planetair974


Cirques and Waterfalls

Discover Takamaka, the Iron Hole, Mafate, the inevitable Snow Piton, and admire the picturesque beauty of Cilaos. An exceptional itinerary for a unique air experience in the heart of World Heritage sites. 

 50 min 



World Heritage

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage sites from the air. Ascent by the Piton de la Fournaise, Plaine des Sables, Takamaka, the Iron Hole, Salazie, Mafate, the Piton des Neiges and a return by Cilaos.



Vue aérienne paysage Réunion survol volcan Piton de la Fournaise, voyage ULM planetair974



Take off towards the Piton de la Fournaise, the Plaine des Sables. Then head off toward the Takamaka waterfalls, the primary forest, the Iron Hole. Slowly gain altitude by crossing the 3 cirques and a gratifying fly over the famous Piton des Neiges and return to Saint-Pierre at low altitude to discover the coastline and the crystal clear waters of the Hermitage lagoon.




Aerial Baptism

Flying in a Light Sport Aircraft is an exhilarating experience in itself. This short tour will allow you to familiarise yourself and you get to pick you among 3 tours:


⁃ Discover the West with the black sand beach of Etang-Salé and the Plain of the Makes.

⁃ Head North to explore the picturesque Cilaos circus.

⁃ Go South to fly over the Saint-Pierre lagoon, Manapany, and Mont Vert.

 20 min


Photo circuit - vol bapteme ULM - Planetair974


Initiation Flight

Curious about flying? This initiation flight is designed for those wanting to learn about flying and is often a first step toward joining our flight school.


⁃ 30 minutes of educational briefing, including the presentation of the machine, basic piloting technique (flight mechanics).


⁃ 30 minutes of flight with an instructor (taking off phase landing phase, axis maintenance, turns...)


30 min


photo circuit - vol initiation ULM - Planetair974

Planétair974 Flight School

Planétair974 is also a ULM flight school and squadron flight training. We operate recent A22 ULMs, equipped with emergency parachutes, which provide for a safe flight above many reliefs and landscapes.

Découverte aérienne visite paysage Réunion 974 planetair974

UNESCO World Heritage Site from above!

Fly over the Piton de la Fournaise even during eruption! The Piton des Neiges, The circuses, Cilaos, Takamaka, Trou de Iron, Salazie, Mafate, or the magnificent lagoons of the West Coast...

Tourisme ULM Réunion 974 survol Ile de la réunion depuis le ciel avec planetair974
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Our team in composed of enthusiast pilots with a thorough knowledge of the island, who will point and comments the UNESCO World Heritage sites for you. The team is composed of experienced former Air Force and commercial pilots.


We have the experience and licenses needed to offer patrol flights during which other ULM aircraft flight along for the tour. 

Our ULMs

We operate and maintain a fleet of recent A22, a comfortable aircraft with unparalleled visibility for a total immersion in complete safety.

ULM planetair974 Voyage découverte tour et circuit en ULM Réunion 974


Guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime experience in complete safety

ULM planetair974 vol aventure Réunion 974


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ce site a été financé à l’aide du FEDER (REACT-UE) dans le cadre de la réponse de l’Union européenne à la pandémie COVID-19. L’Europe s’engage à La Réunion"

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