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paysage volcan Réunion 974 piton de la fournaise survol ULM Planetair974

Visite aérienne de La Réunion en ULM

Our tour &

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icone volcan découverte Piton de la Fournaise Réunion 974, planetair974

Planetair974 is authorized to fly over the volcano, even when in eruption.

Get on board with our experienced pilots for a smooth and safe flight.

Guided air tours

Travel beyond earthly bondaries and explore landscapes classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but from the sky!

An exhilarating aerial adventure awaits you, offering an unique perspective on the most emblematic sites of Reunion Island.

paysage lagon Réunion 974, Découverte aérienne ULM planetair974 planetair974


ULM planetair974 vol aventure Réunion 974
ULM planetair974 vol aventure Réunion 974

Planetair 974 company culture is based on safety, as such our aircrafts are recents and frequently maintained. Our pilots are all experienced and trained specifically to fly over and comments the sites.

Learn more about tours, the most thorough and detailed tours given on the island.


Take-offs every morning as early as 6:30 a.m. from the Saint-Pierre / Pierrefonds aerodrome, depending on weather conditions


Each ULM - Ultra Light Motorized aircraft- can accommodates a single passenger of no more than 100kg.

For several passengers wanting to fly at the same time, up to 3 aircrafts can take-off and fly the tour together.

Free Videos & photos 

After your flight, we’ll email you free of charge, a link to Google Drive where you can view and download your video and photos of the best sites you have flown over.

Aerial photography upgrade

Our Cirques and Waterfalls, World Heritage and Awesome are available with photography upgrade. It requires the temporary installation of a specific windows which can slide down during flight to prevent any glass glare/reflection - extra $20 fee, up to 2 aircrafts.

Gift voucher !

Offer your friends or family an exceptional gift: an unforgettable flight over exceptional landscapes. A once in a lifetime experience.